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Radio Control (RC) Aircraft flying, Lincoln, CA

AMOS RC (or Associated Modelers of Sacramento Inc.) first chartered on Nov 12, 2004, clears you to land on our “digital runway”. Learn about our club’s rootsupcoming events (both AMOS RC flying events, non-AMOS RC events and upcoming meetings), how to become a member, as well as flying photos and videos, and FAQs about the club and flying Radio Control models in the Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin areas of California.

Come Join Us on Jan 1st!

Freeze Fly

Come join us for free hot sandwiches, bbq beef, bbq pork and a big hot pot of Chili catered by Chance and Company. We will supply fresh hot coffee, donuts and a fire pit and several propane heaters to warm things up.  

Christmas Party Dec. 15

Celebrate and soar and meet your new fellow AMOS RC members at our annual Christmas Party which will be held at the Aerospace Museum of California. All members (and a plus-one) are all welcome!


Freeze Fly Jan. 1

Come join us for a free potluck - chili, soups, stews and any other “family recipe" your whole family will enjoy. We will supply fresh hot coffee, a fire pit and several propane heaters to warm things up.  

A Model Airplane Flying Club

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are good, safe flying skills. It takes practice and patience to learn the art of skillfully guiding your model aircraft through the skies and bringing it safely back to the runway.

To aid you in achieving this, in the shortest possible time, and with the minimum amount of mishaps and heartache,AMOS offers free RC model flight training. Check out our free flight training page for more information, availability and to sign up. Learn to fly now!

David Long
David Long, President of AMOS RC
RC Flight Training

Learn how to fly model aviation

We’re passionate about Radio Control aircraft – fixed-wing, helicopter, gas, nitro, electric, jet. We’ll pair you up with one of our experienced pilots and utilize the “buddy box” system to ensure your flight training memories are happy ones! 

Radio Control

Learn the basics of programming your transmitter and receiver to talk with each other, keeping your aircraft safely in the air.


We have a special area on our field set aside for helicopters and we offer training specifically for this unique niche of our RC hobby.

Fixed Wing

You will see a huge variety of fixed wing aircraft- everything from small foam trainers to very expensive Turbine Powered Jets


We have a dedicated drone race track and training center for the newest form of aircraft in our hobby. And there are FAST!

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We are a group of dedicated RC’ers that are looking forward to helping new members discover just how much fun you can have with your cloths on.

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See our frequently asked questions or contact us below for specific questions and event details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member, there is a membership fee for individual members, junior members (under 18) and family members over 18 years old. To register, click here!

Yes, of course! All donations are welcome and very much appreciated in order to keep our club new and exciting for all our members. Click here to donate!

Non-members are absolutely welcome to join for our public events for a one-time registration fee per event. Check out our upcoming events now!

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