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Your ticket to year-round fun for the whole family. See our upcoming events below!

What We Fly

If it flies, is safe, and you're an AMA and AMOS member, you can fly it at the AMOS field in Lincoln, CA

  • Electric Powered Foamies

  • EDF Powered Jets

  • Nitro & Gas-Powered 3D Planes

  • Gas Powered Giant Scale

  • Electric, Nitro & Gas-Powered Warbirds

  • Nitro Powered Speed Planes

  • Turbine Powered Jets

  • Non-Powered Soaring Aircraft

  • Helicopters

  • Drones

Why Join Us

A Place To Bring Friends & Family To Fly

AMOS was founded in 2009 with the vision for providing a safe, fun environment for flying Radio Controlled Aircraft. We’re proud to host a friendly place you can bring friends and family to fly, learn to fly, or just enjoy watching others fly RC.

We also, in our mission to train people to safely and enjoyably fly their models, work with youth groups and sponsor charity events which also supports our Lincoln community that has always supported us. 

Become a Member

Associated Modelers of Sacramento

  • (916) 380-1644

    Call us during normal business hours for more info

  • 4015 E Carlett Rd, Lincoln CA

    Two miles west of Thunder Valley Casino

FREE Training

Sign Up For FREE Radio Control Flight Training

Come learn the basics of how you program your transmitter and receiver to talk with each other, keeping your aircraft safely in the air.

We offer FREE training and allows aircraft of all types, including gas and electric powered jets, warbirds, 3D planes, speed planes, turbines powered jets, helicopters and drones!

Your ticket to year-round fun for the whole family. See our featured events below!

Eight Fun Events This Year!

Giant Scale & 3D Planes

Wingspans ranging from 80 to 140+ inches and typically powered with gas engines. These planes are smaller versions of their popular full-scale aerobatic counterparts. Designed with large control surfaces, light weight and modern materials they can perform extreme aerobatic and 3D maneuvers.

Electric and Pattern Planes

With the advancement in battery and motor technology, electric aircraft are some of the most popular today. Typically of modern foam or balsa construction and ranging from micro to giant scale in size, their performance often equals or surpasses their fuel powered counterparts.

Sport and Scale Jets

Powered by electric ducted fans to fuel powered turbines. Many use ultra-modern construction techniques and materials to build the ultimate aircraft. Able to withstand the high-speeds and g-loads of jet powered flight, these are some of the most exciting and advanced aircraft in our hobby.


Electric or fuel powered, sport aerobatic and scale. Some are capable of the most aggressive and jaw dropping 3D aerobatics you will ever see by any type of RC model.

Warbirds and Fighter Jets

Join us for our annual Warbirds Over Roseville event with aircraft ranging from the ever popular WWI and WWII aircraft all the way to modern jet fighters. Warbirds are often powered by radial and even real turbine engines giving these military aircraft replicas amazing scale effect.

Float Fly

We fly off the water at Camp Far West. It's a whole new experience that the whole family can enjoy. Many members camp out for the week to fly and relax with friends.


Defined by their flat fuselage, profiles are inexpensive yet fully aerobatic, capable of performing just about any maneuver in the smallest of spaces.