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A Place To Bring Friends & Family To Fly

AMOS was founded in 2009 with the vision for providing a safe, fun environment for flying Radio Controlled Aircraft. We’re proud to host a friendly place you can bring friends and family to fly, learn to fly, or just enjoy watching others fly RC.

We also, in our mission to train people to safely and enjoyably fly their models, work with youth groups and sponsor charity events which also supports our Lincoln community that has always supported us. 

Our main runway is 60′ wide and 600′ long and will be expanded in 2024 to a length of 725′. In addition, our Taxiway is 15′ wide and runs the length of the runway.

We have 100′ plus runouts one on each end of the runway with flyover space of over 125 acres.

Our field is graded at 2 percent which puts you on the highest elevation at the field for an unobstructed view.

We are 400′ off the main road with all car parking and access covered in AB gravel.

We have a permanent Cafe structure making food preparation and serving simple, easy and clean.

We also have a Drone Race Track ad Heli Pad in the southwest of the property.

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