AMOS RC Free Flight Training

We’re passionate about Radio Control aircraft – fixed wing, helicopter, gas, nitro, electric, jet. So, we’re keen to pass that passion onto a new generation, young and old, of fliers. However, we understand it’s easy to become discouraged after your shiny, new model turns into a crumpled heap because you did something wrong. That’s why we have our free flight workshops on Wednesday afternoons (during daylight savings). However, we also offer free training all year round by appointment.

We’ll pair you up with one of our experienced pilots and utilize the “buddy box” system to ensure your flight training memories are happy ones! The image shows just how simple the buddy box system is. We link 2 transmitters together wirelessly, and one becomes the master (that’s the one your trainer will have) and the other is the student (surprise, that’s you!). With the flip of a switch, the instructor can hand control over to you. If you get into difficulties, flipping the switch lets him or her take back control.

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