Electrical Service and Solar System

Project Objective

Provide electrical service 24/7 throughout the Pits and in the Cantina. Initially (Phase One) the power will originate from 3- 3500 Quiet Generators located at the side of the AMOS Container. (Phase Two) will connect the lines to a battery bank in the AMOS container which are fed from ten solar panels on the roofs of the containers.

Phase One:

Underground System Details

Underground electrical service from the AMOS container to each of the west poles in the pits and plus service to the Cantina.  Six separate underground services will feed the pits and Cantina. Services will range from 10 gauge to 6 gauge depending on the length of the run. Each run will be in a separate conduit and buried 24”. The trench will be dug and prepared with sand for the conduit to rest. Each service will have the capacity of 20 amps at the controller and 4 of the services will be separated to feed 3- 20’x27’ bays per line. The Cantina service will be 2 circuits with a single outlet (4 plugs) near 2 of the 4 Cantina columns.

This project will be permitted in accordance with county building standards and regulations.

At the side of the AMOS container will be done in accordance with County regulations.

In the pits each riser will be mounted to an existing west pole but on the east side of the pole to avoid direct sun exposure in the afternoons. In the Cantina two risers will be mounted on or near two of the four columns that hold the Cantina roof in place.

Will be provided by AMOS volunteers with the guidance of a qualified electrician and approved by the county building department. 

Phase Two:

Solar System

Ten Solar panels on the roof of the 2 steel containers that feed a battery bank (housed in the AMOS container).

Solar System Details: 5- 450 watt panels on each roof. Each panel will contain an inverter. All 10 panels will be connected together to provide a maximum wattage of 4,500. The power generated will feed 2- 4kv batteries. The control box (mounted on the exterior) will contain the circuit breakers and have the ability to connect an external service (generator(s)) when our demands are high, such as events.

Will be provided by AMOS volunteers with the guidance of a qualified electrician and approved by the county building department.  

Make a Donation

To date we have received 3 generous donations totaling $6,000 that will be applied to this project. Total cost is about $16,000, so we have a great start but NEED YOUR HELP.