Gas Turbine Information

Gas Turbine Information

All Turbine Jet Pilots must have their AMA Turbine Waiver before they can fly solo. The purpose of this waiver is to insure you fully understand the safety requirements and demonstrate flying proficiency. AMOS offers instruction to guide you through this process.

Please pick up a Turbine Waiver Packet from our frequency box or download the following 3 attachments. You need to read through all of them to get started.

You will then need to contact Nick Graham ( or Carlos Reyes ( to begin the safety and flying proficiency process.

You will also need to provide your own aircraft and transmitter. We will supply the buddy box.

LTMA Permit

If your turbine-powered jet weighs more than 55lbs (including fuel) you will need a special permit called an LTMA. Please read, understand and work through this document.

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