AMOS Membership - Individual

All new Individual Memberships have a one-time Field Improvement Fee added (Family and Junior memberships do not have this fee). This can be paid in full along with your dues, or it can be paid in two $75 installments in the next two consecutive months.

New Individual members joining AMOS after Jan 31st of the current year, will have their dues prorated at $11.67 per month (Dues = $11.67 times # of full months left in the year) to reflect the shorter membership period. Example: Join any time in say April (1st to 30th), your dues will be $86.64. (Plus $150 one-time field improvement fee). Family & Junior membership is pro-rated on the same basis at $4.16 per month.

All memberships will receive reminder emails 60 days, 30 days, and 5 days before membership expiration. The emails will contain links to renew your memberships for the coming year.

Family memberships require at least one member of the family to have a full, Individual membership.


Individuals 18 years and older
$ 175 Yearly (+ $150 One-Time Fee)
  • One-Time $150 For Field Improvement Fee
  • $175 per year per member
  • Pro-rated @ $11.67/month


Individuals 18 years and older
$ 175 Yearly (+ $10 Late Fee)
  • Only For Existing Members
  • $175 per year per member
  • Not prorated - full amount due