Mavrix Youth Division

Kicks Off Feb 3

The AMOS Youth Division (aka the Mavrix) is a “sub organization” of AMOS, operated and managed by the youth, that provides resources and aid to young fliers.

Our Purpose

Provide an interface for the youth by creating a community of young people throughout the organization, establish peer-to-peer relationships that further RC interest among youth, and provide plenty of assets to help them get involved in RC. We aim to make the transition into the RC plane hobby easy and affordable so more kids can experience this wonderful hobby with confidence about equipment and good flying skills from the start.

Welcome to the Fam!

We welcome all ages of kids, knowing this next generation of innovators and technicians will be unmatched in skill and insight. Our kids are being raised with technology at their fingertips starting as infants. We recognize this aptitude for science and technology disciplines are the gateway to the future, so we support all ages, (parental support with the young ones, of course), and certainly all genders. Girls excel at RC skills as well as boys, and we happily include all young people.

Free Training

We know how valuable one-on-one training is for flying skills. We use Buddy Boxes so the student can safely fly a plane along with an experienced trainer who (at the flip of a switch) can take over control of the plane. This safety net allows new pilots to learn faster, instill confidence and enjoy the success of flying!

It is easy to sign up with a private trainer online or meet us at the field every Wednesday (weather permitting). The trainer brings everything you need to fly and you will be able to use our gear until you are confident enough to purchase your own.

No Risk - No Kidding!

AMOS takes this growth to the next level. We offer an environment and training facility for hands-on RC experience, at any age. Boys and girls of any age can step into flying for fun starting with lightweight foam trainers and progress from there.

The BEST part is NO investment or risk;

just the thrill of flying for the first time!

We train all students one-on-one to fly safely and responsibly.

AMOS provides the planes, controllers and experienced trainers –ALL FREE!


We are proudly linked in Mission and Passion with the Aerospace Museum of California

Partners in STEAM Education

The Aerospace Museum of California is focused on exposing kids to the STEAM education pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. AMOS is working hand-in–hand with the

Museum to expose these students to the hands-on experience of FLIGHT!!

Growth That's Fun!

Exposing kids to the technical aspects of RC flying and the safety protocols develops responsibility and maturity at a younger age. Kids look up to young and old pilots who share the craft of building, flying, repairing, navigating and facilitating airflight.


Reward and Recognition

KIDS are invited to our many FUN EVENTS each year, where we practice, compete and reward excellence in skill and sportmanship. AMOS always has awards specifically for the youth and we focus on building their confidence, knowing they will be our next generation of pilots.

Our Long Goal

AMOS has over 265 generous members, most of whom are contributors to our charitable events including Wounded Warriors, Healing Heroes, Gigi’s Playhouse and Placer Breast Cancer Foundation. Raising up our kids in a culture of hands-on skills, safety, support, and generosity is our goal and mission.    

Oh, — and we have a blast doing it!

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